Deacon Family Ministries
Chairman of the Deacons: Tim McCain


Deacon Meetings:  The second Sunday evening of each month
 Pictured at right is Deacon Chairman, Oliver Clark and his wife, Lenda.


Need help and don't know who to call?  Call your deacon or the Deacon of the Week.

 Deacon, Danny Clark (Home 652-3712)
     Tammy Adams
     Robert Armstrong Family
     Dorothy Crabb
     Terry & Zelda Ellison
     Misty Villa & Family
    Jerry Wofford

Deacon, Oliver Clark (Home 983-5087)
     Jr. Brotherton
     Jimmy Durham
     Heath Rexrode Family
     Dan & Gale Shaeffer

Deacon, Chad Cook (Home 652-2072)
     Tracy Adams & Stevie Karlin
     Oliver & Lenda Clark
     Buck & Glenda Ford

     Randy Race Family
     Nina Teuton
     Marty & Jen Walberg

Deacon, Phil Cotham (Home 652-2758) (Work 652-2104)
     Troy Bigham Family
     Jamie Butler
     Dennis & Mary Carter
Chad Cook Family
    Tim & Rhonda McCain
Deacon, Jack Covington (Home 290-5605)
     Dimple Adams
     Claude Brown
     Mike & Rise Ford Family
     Andrew Russell Jarrett
     Naomi Johnston
     Boyd & Debra Lee
     Ed Marks Family

     Deacon, Terry Ellison (Home 652-2175)
     Jack & Tanya Covington
     Susie Frizzell  
     Archie Jones Family
   Sally Shaw    

Deacon, Mike Ford (Home 652-3505)
     Johnny Dorman Family 

       Kenneth & Jackie Holt
      Martha Ochoa

Deacon, W. H. Hallmark (Home 652-2158)
     Lanny & Connie Barnett
     Jim Cumby
     Ann Ford
     Elba Pyle
     Dale Ross
     Shad Schlueter Family

Deacon, Kenneth Holt (Home 652-3456)
     Kathy Allison
     Zach & Sandra Cummings
     Sam Lewis
     Gary & Linda Marr
     Tommy & Anne Messer
     Arthur & Nell Schur
     Wanda Zachary

       Zach Zachary

Deacon, Tracy Kidd (Home 652-1100)
     W. H. & Peggy Hallmark
     Dub & Jontha Mercer
     Tim Roberts Family
     Bobbie Sue
     Cleona Taylor

Deacon, Boyd Lee (Home 2912)  
     Frankie Graves Family
     Tracy Kidd Family
      Casey Lambert Family
     Jim & Mary Lynn Lewis
     Claude Stallings
     Kyle & Robyn Stevenson
     Joseph & Sharon Tillery

Deacon, Gary Marr (Home 291-8331) 
     Joy Bradley    
     Jerry & Barbara Cawley
     Alan Davis Family
     Cleatis & Betty Hayes
     Brenda Poole
     Ann Race
     Joe & Margie Rexrode

Deacon, Jim Bob Martin (Home 652- 3594) (Work 652-3386)
     Danny & Vicki Clark
     Dale & Debbie Gallaway 
     Frances Graves
     Mel & Marjorie Holcomb
     Norma Ragland

Deacon, Tim McCain (Home 652-2336)
     Jim & Carol Cherry
     Carolyn Cunningham
     Teresa Gonzales
     Shawn Kunselman

 Deacon, Heath Rexrode (Home 652-1430)
     Phil Cotham Family
     Diane Klein &Family
     Janice Widener Family

Deacon, Joe Neil Rexrode (Home 652-3445)
     Geneva Barclay
     Violet Cooper
     Justin Graves Family
     Ronnie & Vicky Huffman
     Jim  & Roxanne Martin/Madison Hennagan
     Peggy & Rhonda Stewart
     Ethelyn Vernon
     Wayland Moses Family

Deacon, Shad Schlueter (392-0333)
     Janice Ragland
     Lynda Holley
     The Vance Lemons Family
     Rodney & Sheryl Rigby



  October 2017  
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